A Christmas poem of hope

Cobweb clings to the corner
Intricate design
Woven in silence
Now abandoned to dust
Who graced her company?
One came for dinner
Another for dessert
How often I think I’m the only one in the room
Who will clean up the mess

Hope whispers a memory
Intricate design
400 years silence
Broken by…

I will never be responsible for your destiny, only mine

Some eight or nine years ago my husband and I watched the movie “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.” When the movie ended, I asked my husband,

“Did you understand any of that?”

His answer,


Now, my husband is pretty good at following a movie but we sat through this entire…

August Prompt-Postcards #2

The Postcard I Never Asked For

I must tell this story, for now, I am learning its lessons.

It was Springtime,1996. An active mother of two children, 12 years difference, two marriages, and two stillborns in-between knows not when the bandaids will loosen and wounds will reopen.

My son attended a Christian school. The class trip…

Mary Hood

Born twice, I die daily. Serious about Jesus. What I write you may not want to read. Okay. I write what I believe and what I learn from others, just like you.

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