A Love Letter to Jesus from A to Z

A Poem

Mary Hood
1 min readJun 8, 2020


An advocate in my every trial; every part of You I cannot see is
Calm, as storms sweep up the ugly, you alone remain
Dear and desirable; my
Expectation is from You when dreams turn to dust
Faithful and fearless I believe You alone are the
God I trust
Joy unending
King of Kings
Lord of Lords, none withstanding
Motivator and master of my acts and words
Needs I have no need of…cease
Opulent omniscience
Perfect peace
Quenching every fiery dart
Redeemer of my sin-stained heart, Your
Scepter always in my favor
Triumphant without waiver
Worthy of all that brings You praise
Xenial, for I was a foreigner desperate of days
Yahweh, You breathed life into Adam…then all since born
Zealous, I will worship You till night breaks into dawn

The Holy Spirit speaks clearly to those who wait and listen Janis Cox



Mary Hood

Born twice, I die daily. Serious about Jesus. What I write you may not want to read. Okay. I write what I believe and what I learn from others, just like you.